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Original Political T-Shirts

Why I made the t-shirt "Remember When Racism Ended?"

Racism didn't end! But, lots of people think it did, or think that some magical finish line was crossed when the Civil Rights Act was passed. It exists. In some cases it just morphed or adapted. There's a lot of politically correct (or more correctly put deceptive) terminology for things like racial profiling and police brutality, but they still happen. Disenfranchisement of minority voters still happens! Discrimination in housing, lending, hiring... it all still happens. People often don't want to talk about it, but it IS still around both institutionally right down to the personal level..

This shirt is designed to use cognitive dissonance. Most people if they really think about it know that racism never ended. So when you say that it did, then they will be confused and hopefully re-focus the spotlight in their mind on racism, if only for an instant when they see the shirt.

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