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Original Political T-Shirts

I made this shirt because...

We Are Your Government

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Why I made the t-shirt "We Are Your Government"

So often these days people cannot participate in decision making when it comes to issues and policies that gravely effect their lives, loved ones, liberties, and livelihoods-- whether it be about welfare, war, globalization, etc.-- and often can't even access the officials who make decisions behind locked doors in guarded fortresses.

Elected officials are as corrupt as ever, and they don't represent the people or the true national interest in most cases.

When people want to get involved in the most important decisions our society faces, they are often patted on the head, pooh poohed and promptly shut out of any real role. Or, they are ridiculed and insulted. If they decide that the issues they are concerned about are too important to be left to the corrupt politicians (bought and paid for by corporations)... if they attempt to exercise what should be free speech rights to make the voice of grassroots organizations and communities heard by protesting or even merely handing out literature... they are more and more frequently assaulted by police in the streets and/or arrested.

When they are starving to death and dying of exposure after major catastrophes like the recent hurricanes Rita and Katrina... they are met with abusive, gun toting police and military rather than aid workers. Goodness gracious, I can't imagine why people would loot when they have lost everything including food, water, and other basic necessities needed for survival if the aid agencies aren't able (or willing) to help them. FEMA merged into the department of Homeland Security becomes worthless at best and merely another arm of an increasingly repressive and secretive government at worst.

The lesson is that the only government entities that most people come into contact with or have access to is the police and the military. That seems to be the very definition of a police state.

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