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Original Political T-Shirts

I made this shirt because...

Pro Choice T-Shirts
for Women and Men

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This t-shirt reads "The Pro Choice Movement... the radical idea that women own their bodies." It is an original design created by CONTEMPL8 T-SHIRTS. This t-shirt comes in a Red, White and Blue snug-fit version and a version on standard black t-shirts. Both are printed with white ink. Youth Large is also available in the black shirts with white ink.


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Why I made this Pro Choice t-shirt

...because women's rights are patriotic!!!

...because women's rights are under attack in the USA.

...because the decision of whether or not to have an abortion should be made by the individual who is most impacted by that decision... the pregnant woman herself, not the government.

...because every pregnancy has different circumstances, and laws limiting what a pregnant woman can do with her own body are repressive.

...because the right to an abortion is a human right.

Granted I'm a man and therefore I can't get pregnant. So I don't claim to be an oracle on the subjects of pregnancy or abortion, but I believe that the decision to carry a fetus for 9 months or not should be the pregnant woman's decision alone since it is her body. Any sort of interference or coersion is repressive.

You can't break into some one else's house and take their things because it is their property. What is property in comparison to one's body? If a society of property and material is to be a free society, fundamentally it must be made clear that people own their own bodies. Their boss doesn't own their body, nor does the government. A man doesn't own his wife's body. What is this freedom we hear so much about if a women doesn't own and control her own body?

So, I made a shirt about abortion because I want to side step the tedious arguments about when an embryo becomes this or that. Let us not forget that men have in the past gotten women pregnant on purpose in order to domesticate them, and this still happens today. When a woman is pregnant she is literally weighted down with extra burden, and if she gives birth and keeps the child then her life will change. Should a woman not have the ability to self determination? Should a woman not have the right to decide for herself when and if she wants to make that sacrifice that child bearing and rearing is? Without the right to have an abortion and access to abortion women are not truly free.

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