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I made this shirt because...
Backside of "Tom Brokaw is Full of Shit" t-shirt


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  • Indymedia.org is in no way connected with or responsible for the concept, production nor sales of "Tom Brokaw is Full of Shit" t-shirts.
  • The use of the URL "Indymedia.org" on "Tom Brokaw is Full of Shit" t-shirts is intended (by the author/producer of "Tom Brokaw is Full of Shit" t-shirts, CONTEMPL8 T-SHIRTS) solely to promote Indymedia.org. After discrediting the corporate media figure Tom Brokaw--and by extention the corporate media itself--CONTEMPL8 T-SHIRTS feels that it is appropriate to point human beings in the direction of independent and open news sources like Indymedia.org (where anyone can Become the Media!).