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Minneapolis MPLS T-Shirt and Hoodies, and more

Save the Internet Seriously!!! The cable and telephone companies are lobbying Congress to give them the right to slow down or block websites that do not pay them extra money. Pretty soon all you get on the internet is all you can get on TV and Radio.... a bunch of corporations trying to sell you something. No more little people like you and me getting to have websites that people can actually access, unless you can afford the huge, unprecedented fees. This will strangle the democracy out of the internet, and potentially out of the USA. We need Net Neutrality guaranteed by law and enforced by government.

Adbusters culture jammer publication

BlackBoxVoting.org Organization fighting against election fraud

Center for the Study of Political Graphics

The Corporation Excellent documentary on psychopathic corporations!

Democracy Now!

DIY Media all the info you could ever want about pirate radio and other indie radio broadcasting topics

Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF is a nonprofit group of passionate people — lawyers, technologists, volunteers, and visionaries — working to protect your digital rights.

Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition Activist group that alerts the public to toxics in electronics manufacturing processes, products and waste.

FEP Project Helping to protect "fair use", and providing research and advocacy on free speech, copyright, and media democracy issues.

FightingBob.com Online opinion magazine named after and in the spirit of Robert LaFollette (Fighting Bob LaFollette), legendary progressive populist from Wisconsin. Also they have an awesome festival with great speakers, music and other events every September in Sauk County Wisconsin.

The Independent Media Center (IMC)
A network of some two hundred individual websites with localized news content which everyone is allowed to report. Here are a few of the nodes on the network...
-Twin Cities (Minnesota, USA)
-New York City
-San Francisco
-Washington, DC

KFAI an independent, local, community volunteer run radio station bringing the best variety of music and other programming to the Twin Cities.

The Memoryhole ...just what the name says, this site by Russ Kick is a repository of information that was once posted on government and corporate websites but was disappeared (deleted) from those sites because it was in some way sensitive (ie. reflected badly on some powerful party).

MotherJones a classic, longstanding progressive news publication

Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers

OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism (documentary about FOX News)

The Progressive Magazine another classic progressive source

Reclaim Democracy! an org in its own words "restoring citizen authority over corporations"

Resource Center of the Americas Community organization supporting immigrants and labor among other causes locally, and producing a monthly global publication "Connection to the Americas" focusing on news in the Latin American countries. Please support this rare and wonderful institution of civil society.

Starbucks Delocator find non-corporate locally owned coffee shops by zip code

This is What Democracy Looks Like Ground breaking documentary about globalization and the role of the WTO and protests against it. Footage from the 1999 WTO Protests in Seattle. A must see, and great educational film.

Women Against Military Madness a long standing antiwar group in Minnesota

Z Magazine a straight up radical media source